If you could travel across time and spend one afternoon or evening talking with any American, living or dead, whom would you choose: an athlete, an author, an international celebrity, an inventor, a philosopher, a politician, a statesman, or a wealthy, self-made businessman?

Benjamin Franklin was all of these things and a Founding Father, one of a select group of men we have mythologized. Ben Franklin was also a flesh and blood human being who was a son, husband and father who knew triumph and tragedy, poverty and wealth, loyalty and betrayal.

How would you start the conversation with Ben Franklin? Would you ask him how he arrived in Philadelphia as a penniless, homeless teenager and was able to retire from business a wealthy man at the age of 42? To what did he attribute his 84-year longevity? What was his relationship with John Adams and the other Founders? Did he believe in God? What was the most heartbreaking thing that ever happened to him?

Ben Speaks presents unique interactive programs in which 21st Century audiences are invited to engage in conversation with Dr. Franklin. Nationally-known speaker Steve Nousen gets you as close to spending time with Franklin as humanly possible. Using his vast knowledge of the life and times of Benjamin Franklin, Steve engages audiences in lively dialogue using the wit and wisdom of our most important Founding Father. There are many Ben Franklin “impersonators” but no one brings Franklin to life like Ben Speaks.