Ben Speaks offers customized programs including the following:

This wholly original and historically accurate, two-act play is designed for audiences from ages 9 to 90. Beginning in July 1775 and finishing in 1790, it moves past anecdotes of flying kites in inclement weather and instead explores Ben Franklin’s integral contributions to the formation of our country.

Many Americans are unaware of the importance of France’s role in the fight for our nation’s independence. The French  contribution of men, money, and materiel would not have been possible without the diplomatic skills of our nation’s first ambassador, Benjamin Franklin. He spent nearly a decade wining over the French to our rebellion. In 1785 On the eve of his departure from Paris, Franklin gives a dinner speech reviewing his diplomatic efforts in Europe.


In 1776, at the writing of the Declaration of Independence, many Americans were bitterly divided on the issue of revolution. This division struck very close to home as Ben Franklin and his only son found themselves on opposite sides during our fight for independence. Listen as Ben Franklin interpreter Steve Nousen attempts to persuade you to take up arms against the Crown.


Ben Franklin lived a rags-to-riches story that is emblematic of the American Dream. Listen to his words of wisdom on wealth and the economy. Question Ben Franklin interpreter Steve Nousen about whether those lessons resonate more than two centuries after they were written and whether they can put you on the "Way to Wealth".

Programs are customized to meet the specific needs of any audience. Please contact Steve with specific questions.